The best thing about owning a Ghostbuster suit

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The best thing about owning a Ghostbuster suit

Postby Papalazarou » February 19th, 2015, 6:17 pm

So I have been into Ghostbusters stuff for a couple of years now, maybe not as screen accurate as some of you good fellows here, but just as much fun none the less, But for myself one of the best things is like what happened Tuesday at work when my boss asked me to come to work in full kit on March 13th for comic relief (I work in a big retail store) ,It seems like a good license for the odd day off work here n there & a great way to raise some money for local & national charities .
It always makes me smile when the kids come in and ask the parents "what's that man is dressed up as ?" ,just the generation gap showing there, but it's cool as hell when the parents of a certain age come in and grin from ear to ear when they see the gear.
now that makes all the money & effort well worth it, what a great little obscure hobby we have, Bustin' should and does make us feel good.
Dave :D
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Re: The best thing about owning a Ghostbuster suit

Postby simcarr » February 20th, 2015, 9:57 am

Oh I know. It always makes me smile the amount of people that rush to have a picture taken with us. Especially parents trying to get their kid who has no clue of who we are to have a photo with us. You know damn well its the parent that wants the picture not the kid by the smile they have on their face.

I also love the smile on a kid's face when they are dressed as a GB and we all garther round and go YEY!!!. It really makes your day and their day so much better.
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Re: The best thing about owning a Ghostbuster suit

Postby Venkman's Swagger » February 20th, 2015, 12:46 pm

Ray Parker Jr was so right when he came up with "Bustin makes me feel good"
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