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My New Business

Postby ladydchaos » April 7th, 2015, 6:37 pm

Hey all,

So I hope it's OK to post this here, I know quite a few of you have your own businesses, but I’ve just started my own (February) and was hoping you lot could help it along.

Aside from my 9-5 mon-fri job which I love, I’m using this business to gain extra income to help buy a house and study Massage Therapy, you know facials and hand and foot massages etc... which will no doubt benefit you lot at events too ;)

I am an Independent Consultant for Arbonne International, a 35 year old company with Swiss heritage, that is Botanically based and Vegan approved. The products are good for you, and kind to the earth. They're all about being green, always have been and always will be, and they will NEVER test on animals.

I got introduced to the company last year but didn't really put much thought into it with having medical issues at the time plus moving and other stuff going on but i took another look at it in January and thought why not give it a go. In just 1 month my face has cleared of Eczema and my spots have almost disappeared. I'm still working on the Psoriasis on my elbows and knees but this has also seen an improvement in just 1 month. the people I have spoken to are so incredibly inspirational that I can *hand on heart* honestly say, no amount of counselling has ever made me feel so sound of mind and happy. It's crazy :)

Any how, you have to just try it to believe it and with a 45 day money back guarantee (whether you have used the product to it's last drop or not) which you wont get in regular high street stores, why not just give it a go. feel free to ask me questions about ingredients and allergy advice, EVERYTHING in Gluten free but if you are anything like the rest of my friends you have weird allergies like being unable to use Aloe 'what's up with that' Lol.

I don't buy in products, you just order online direct as you would do with any online shopping. You're paying for high quality, natural goods without having it marked up which pays for wholesaler/Warehouser/sales force/retailer and a big corporate body who doesn’t give your friends anything back.

If your interested in being part of my team then please get in touch so i can tell you more, it's easy to work around your own life stuff, i'm doing a 9-5, 2 hr gym every day plus costuming events and soon i'll be studying BUT it's all fitted around when I'M available and i don't have to rush anything, also every little extra bit of cash helps fund the costumes ;)

So if you are interested in knowing more, check out my website http:// and maybe like and share My facebook page to help me out, everything, no matter how little is always appreciated.
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