need help with sounds for my pack!!

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need help with sounds for my pack!!

Postby ghostbusters1982 » July 5th, 2015, 9:59 pm


i am new to this site i am sure i have met a few of you guys at the doncaster race course con last year
but due to me not being well i had to put cosplay to the side

so the thing is i have everything except one thing
full sounds for my pack!

i have done most of the work to my pack but as the electronics that are in there are a mess (already part done) i dont fancy taking everything out to fit a sound board and have everything work like it should

so here is my question

is there anybody in this forum that lives in the east midlands that would be willing (for a price) to fit a sound board for me and link it to the proper switches
i will order the soundboard and will drop the pack of to them

i would attempt to do this myself but still am under the weather and would like it fully done before september in time for eurogamer

so if anybody could help i would be most greatfull


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