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Re: Finally GB avatar stuff on XBL

Postby RedSpecial » March 24th, 2011, 12:19 am

Oh yeah I have that, and the firehouse space :P
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Re: Finally GB avatar stuff on XBL

Postby Svee » March 24th, 2011, 9:29 am

Tyger Cheex wrote:First impressions?

Have you looked in the Awards section (In the avatar editor) to see if there are any unlocks for the game?

First impressions... Its more fun than i was expecting it to be. I thought it was going to be a bit boring as they have done away with the whole trapping thing (you just shoot the ghosts until their energy is all gone). You still need to throw a trap with the end of level bosses and you get a bonus for how quickly you can press a sequence of buttons that appears on the screen but its nothing like the trapping sequence from the first game.

One thing i found slightly annoying though, your pack has 3 coloured fire modes. Red, yellow and blue and every ghost has a colour to it. You need to shoot each ghost with the correct colour firing mode which at times can get you really frustrated lol

Still. all good fun and if you have a young lad who is into his GB like i do, playing a two player is a real good laugh. Its def worth getting in my view.

As far as extra avatar unlockables, i couldnt see any :(

We need to organise a friday night or something when we can all stay up late and play on XBL when the kids have gone to sleep :)
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Re: Finally GB avatar stuff on XBL

Postby Tyger Cheex » March 24th, 2011, 10:39 am

We need 4 fully suited and booted GBs in a party chat so they appear standing next to each other then snap a photo of it!

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